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Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education

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The aim of this website is to disseminate knowledge on the benefits of involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education. Working with parents as partners facilitates not only language acquisition, but also the development of positive attitudes towards otherness, attitudes which are necessary for the harmonious development of individuals and society. The dissemination of information and knowledge on such practices will contribute to overcoming fears about including parents in school activities. A number of activities are presented which will provide parents and teachers with tools that will help them to work together in plurilingual and intercultural education.

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Introduction (FR)

Video presenting the publication on the occasion of the ECML conference in December 2016 (available in French). The presentation took place in the context of a workshop involving two related ECML project results/publications (Educomigrant and Pepelino). 


A video testimony of a head teacher talking about  the importance of involving parents in intercultural and plurilingual education (in Catalan with French subtitles)

A video testimony of an educator talking about projects aimed at encouraging parental involvement in intercultural and plurilingual activities (in Spanish with English subtitles)

“The language of the heart” is a short documentary describing the activities of the Zonarelli intercultural centre in Bologna. The role and the mission of the centre is to support and encourage intercultural dialogue as well as to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. To this effect, the centre provides people with the opportunity to meet and to also take part in exchange programmes. The centre brings together cultural associations from different international communities living in Italy. These communities are actively involved in ensuring that their children learn the language and culture of origin alongside the Italian language and culture which they learn at school.

Contribution of a mother from Colombia (in French)

These pages result from a project run within the ECML's Learning through languages programme entitled "Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education".
Find out more about the project here.   

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