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Pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures  are didactic approaches involving several varieties of languages or cultures.  FREPA – A framework of reference for pluralistic approaches - provides references and tools for these approaches. These resources aim at the development of  learners' plurilingual and intercultural competences by moving away from the traditionally compartmentalized view of language teaching, in order to help learners to establish connections between the various languages they already know or are learning.  

The publication consists of :   

  • lists of descriptors presenting the resources (knowledge, attitudes, skills) developed in plurilingual and intercultural education (in English, French, online and in pdf version, and also in other languages)  
  • tables of these descriptors across the curriculum, showing the ages for which they are relevant  
  • two training modules: a discovery module and a module designed to help teachers to situate FREPA in current  educational language policies