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Related ECML projects

Collaborative community approach to migrant education: enhancing young migrants' education by developing links between schools, the home and local partners in education

European portfolio for pre-primary educators: a tool for reflective practice in intial teacher education, focusing on professional competences and attitudes of teachers of 3 to 6-year-old children with regard to languages and cultures    

Towards whole school curricula (PlurCur)  Examples of practice in school: clarifying, developing and implementing plurilingual, intercultural and inclusive whole school policies in different contexts in ECML member states

Teaching the language of schooling in the context of diversity (MALEDIVE): making use of students’ complex language repertoires when studying the language of schooling 

Empowering language networks (LACS): encouraging teachers and associations involved in different aspects of language education (foreign modern, heritage or majority languages) to collaborate in order to develop learners’ full linguistic potential   

 Majority language in multilingual settings (MARILLE): promoting plurilingualism in majority language teaching