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Teachers and other education practitioners

The work carried out by the IPPIE project team aims at providing teachers and other education professionals with information and resources to help them :

  • to assist learners in their linguistic and cultural education;  
  • to bridge the gap between the different environments in which learners grow up (mainly school and home during their first years); 
  • to provide those whose languages / cultures are not valued socially with the concrete recognition of the equal value and dignity of all languages / cultures;

This website aims at helping teachers to :  

  • develop a positive vision of the plurality of languages and cultures present in schools;  
  • develo their training in plurilingual and intercultural education;  
  • access tools (examples of activities involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education, by drawing in particular on the CARAP-FREPA database of teaching materials);   
  • promote the creation of networks of teachers, head teachers, pedagogical advisors and inspectors promoting these plural approaches.

Teachers together with parents : getting started